Monday, 12 March 2018

Builders at Work. It's About Time!

Builders at Work

After weeks of collecting many cardboard boxes and filling our Make Space Room with all the donations, we started our Design and Technology project to design and make a model Tudor House. 

We learnt about the different features of Tudor houses and thought about how to include these features in our designs. Children worked together in groups to design and construct their models using a variety of joining and decorating techniques. 

Here are our builders at work...

We asked the children whether they would like to live in a Tudor House of the past or a house built in 2018. Here are a couple responses:

Do you agree? Why?
Are all old houses dirty? Are all new houses clean? 
Can new houses also be beautiful, nice and pretty? 

What do our houses in 2018 have that older houses built in Tudor Times do not have? 

It's About Time
The last part of our measurement work is a revision of time and we are learning how to compare lengths of time using the words 'quicker', 'slower', 'earlier' and 'later'. 

We are also learning how to measure time in hours, minutes and seconds. 

There were fun activities for us to try our as teams. 

What can you do in just one minute? 

The fun of measuring continues this week. 

Look out for some more photos of our adventures in measuring!

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