Saturday, 17 March 2018

Spring is on its way!

Class 1P have been getting excited about the signs of Spring!

Timid Ted has been visiting homes for the last couple of months and we have been recording the sunset and sunrise times to work out the hours of daylight. 

This week he had a luxurious anti-bacterial bubble bath when he visited Mrs. Page's house, now he's good to go!

We have noticed that the number of daylight hours are increasing as the mornings and afternoons are getting brighter. 

The class decided to go on an early Spring Walk as we could see daffodils from our window. 

What are the signs of Spring? 

Close up view of the daffodils. 

Look, there are some crocuses too!

We noticed that up in the trees, little buds were appearing. As scientists, we had to take a closer look. 

We can't wait to see some leaves on the trees. 
Our scientists will be keeping an eye out for more signs of Spring.

During our Science Seasons Lesson, we discussed all the signs of Spring and some sights that we can see locally. Take a look at the National Trust link if you're interested in Spring Watch. 

National Trust Signs of Spring

There is a lovely little place called Cobble Hey Farm just about 45 minutes from Blackpool. If your family is interested in visiting during lambing season, now is the time. There are many ewes there expecting triplets, so you're certain to get a chance to bottle feed a lamb or take a goat for a walk. 

Cobble Hey Farm Lamb Feeding Times

Wrap up warm, enjoy the sunshine! 
Have a good weekend. 

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  1. I love seeing the signs of spring too especially daffodils as they are my favourite flowers. Spring hopefully means nicer weather and the start of picnics!
    I do hope Timid Ted enjoyed his bubble bath.