Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Our Winter Walk

So the 'Beast from the East' finally made its way 
over to our coastline early this morning.

The children were greeted by school grounds covered in snow! As luck would have it, this is the week we are starting Winter Poetry in our English work. 

Which words did they use to describe 
this winter scene? 

Everything covered in a white fluffy blanket. 

Freezing cold.

Tingly, sparkly snowflakes.

Snow doesn't settle often in Blackpool, so our excited learners were ready to do some research. 
Their mission: try to catch a snowflake. 

Here we are watching the struggle 
between Winter and Spring. 
Spring is pushing its green daffodils 
through the hard frozen ground. 

Winter doesn't want to give up and it is smothering Spring with a blanket of ice. 

I guess we managed to collect more than 
just a few snowflakes!

What happens to snow when you bring it indoors? Let's find out...

Shiny, fluffy and soft snow. We've been making word banks to describe what we collected. 

Happy researchers, hoping for some 
more snowfall this week!

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