Monday, 19 February 2018

100 Reasons to Celebrate!

Our 100th Day of School

What an impressive start to this half term! 
Thank you very much to all of the parents and children for their amazing contributions and ideas on our 100th Day of School. 

We started the day by sharing what was made and decorated for our 100 theme. So many tops were creatively decorated and many interesting collections were shared. It was lovely to see how enthusiastically everyone 
participated in all the activities. 

When I am 100 years old...
I will look after my grandchildren and cook food for my grandchildren, cook them a good supper. I will dance with my grandchildren. 

I will sing and I will be wrinkly. 

I will go on holiday to Tenerife and I will go in the pool. 

I will make pizza and I will get 100 presents. 

I will go to the shop with my grandchildren. I will have wrinkles and I will go to my friend's house and I will have a walking stick. I will have grey hair. I don't have a car, I have a scooter instead. I will like to help people who are poorly. 

I will have little grandchildren and they will be younger than me. I want to go into space. I am going to be wrinkly. 

I will be having a dance with my friends. 

I will knit some socks for my children. I will go to a pub and go the Sandcastle and after that I will go back home and watch TV. When I am 100 years old, I will go to the beach and collect shells. 

I will dance with my grandchildren and play with them all the time and make them tea. I will give them a good night huggle and wish them a good day tomorrow. I will cook a good nice supper and be a good babysitter. 

I will have a birthday party. I will paint a picture of myself. I will play outside with my brothers. I will take my best friend to a play area. I will take my dog out for a walk. 

I will cook tea for all my family. My grandchildren are good at art. I will dance with my friends. I will have old friends. 

I will drive in an apple car. I will paint wood. I will have in the maze walking stick. 

I will be a police in the Polar Express Train Driver to catch bad boys or girls. I might see my friends on the way to the North Pole and say hello to my friends and have a party at my house. 

I cook food for my grandsons. When I am 100 years old, I will be in bed. I will be wrinkly. I will have a car. I will play with my grandsons. I will take my grandsons to the shop. 

I will make supper for my grandchildren. I will go swimming with my grandchildren. I want to go to the museum with children. I want to be a bus driver. I will have pizza. I will look wrinkly. 

I will be crazy. When I am 100 years old, I will have big feet. I will go to my friends. I will play with my family. 

I will be big and old and go to the Hot Air Balloon.  

We made some Cheerios neckwear. It required perseverance and restraint. 
The children were tempted to eat their jewellery before they reached 100!

No celebration is complete without a tasty treat! 
Our three classes got together to enjoy a piece of our 100 cake. 
This week's superstars blew out the candles for us. 

Thank you very much for all of your support in making 
this day really memorable and enjoyable!

Mrs Page and Mrs Woolley. 

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