Friday, 4 May 2018

Blossom and Bloom

 This week in Science...

Our young scientists have been learning about plants and flowers. In our Science work this term we are beginning investigations with our own questions and discussing how to plan our experiments. 

Are all daffodils the same length? 

We collected some daffodils to test this out. 
How would we measure the different daffodils? 
What would we have to use to measure?

We decided to use rulers and measuring tapes. 

Another question we discussed was whether all leaves are the same length.

Each group had a peace lily plant and chose several leaves to measure. 

Our enquiry questions took us outside and we wanted to find out whether all flowers bloom at the same time. We took a walk around the infant courtyard and noticed that there were a few blossoms out already. 

There were cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, daisies and primroses. 

So how does a flowering plant grow? 
We had soooooo many questions that we were keen to explore. 
It has been an exciting topic, full of discussion and thinking skills. 

One of our activities included planting wildflower seeds along the borders. 
Who knows? 
In a few months time you could be greeted by colourful flowers on the way into school. 

Impact: Learning about the parts of flowering plants and asking our own questions have led to super discussion about what plants need to grow and the differences between different plants. Our learners have grown in their curiosity, developing their scientific enquiry skills and even thinking about how to compare and measure results in order to answer their own questions. 

Good questions lead to even more questions... So with all of these energetic and inquisitive minds, we have an exciting half term ahead! 

We hope that the giant sunflowers at home have started to germinate. All the best with your growing projects. 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine!

Mrs Page and Mrs Woolley 

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