Sunday, 15 April 2018

Spring has Sprung!

Our first week back has flown! We started our new topics in Science, Geography, History and continued our work in Maths. There has been lots of investigation and super questions. 

What's in a flower? 

We took a closer look at daffodils and wondered... What's inside a flower? 
What are the parts called? How does it work? 

Over this half term we will be learning about the parts of flowering plants and what plants need to grow. Hopefully the sunflower seeds that we sent for homework on Wednesday are getting the warm, water and sunlight that they need. Remember to write what you observe each week. 
In six weeks we will see who has grown the largest plant!

Around the World

Our summer term adventures in Geography have begun! We're learning about the continents, oceans and each fortnight we will be exploring interesting facts about the continents like languages, culture, foods, flags and much more. 

Click on the link below
Continents song

We've been working on our typing skills using Microsoft Word. 
If you have a computer at home to practise typing, we're learning how to use the spacebar, shift key and return keys. 

Class 1P has many keen story writers who bring in their latest pieces of creative writing. Would you like to try typing them? 
We look forward to seeing what you bring!

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