Tuesday, 14 November 2017

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Our Trip to Blackpool Zoo

At the Big Cat House

"When is it lunchtime?"

"Does my hand look big in this?"

Catching up with the meerkats. 

Brazilian Tapirs strut their stuff for 
the toothless onlookers.

"Hello sea lions!"

Our visit to the Education Centre

This is what a caiman's skin feels like. 
Which animal did this come from? 

We have learnt some interesting facts about 
the feathers of peacocks. Did you know the more 'eye feathers' the male pea fowl have, the more female pea hens they attract?  

This is the pelt of an arctic fox in the summer. 
Which colour does the fur change to in the winter? 

Which animal has this very long shin bone come from? 
(Clue: the animal has a very long neck too).

Here is an animal which is originally from Australia. It's called a blue-tongued skink and his name is 'Tony'. 

Tony is the oldest reptile at Blackpool Zoo and he is a teenager. Tony is seventeen years old! 
(Almost as old as Mrs Page).

Safely behind the glass is the South American Caiman. 
What does it eat? 

Can you spot which animal is in this photo? 
Is it camouflaged? 

Hmm... what did we find in this tank? 

Meet the Axolotl, also known as the Mexican Salamander with the nickname 'Peter Pan'. 

Axolotls are able to grow limbs even after they have broken off. This makes them masters of regeneration

At the Gorilla House

Hanging out with the orangutans. 

It was a super visit to the zoo. 
We're sure that all the children and grown ups will be sleeping well tonight!

Night night x

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